Persona 3 Reload Launch Party Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

February 19, 2024

Sega continues to treat their fans with love at the Persona 3 Reload Launch Event

Just as the highly-anticipated Persona 3 Reload RPG launched on February 2, 2024, Sega Atlus decided to celebrate the launch with an event so everyone could get a hands-on experience and meet with fellow fans and even content creators. The launch party happened at the High Grounds Cafe in Quezon City, due to the high demand of fans registering for the launch event, the entire day was split into 3 batches to accommodate everyone, we attended the last batch that was scheduled around late afternoon to evening.

Those who attended the event were given the special S.E.E.S. armbands as a souvenir. The place was decorated with character portraits along with standees that feature the main characters of the game, there are game demos of Persona 3 Reload installed to the PC gaming rigs for everyone to just sitdown and try the game. Content creators Kang Dupet and Een Mercado hosted the launch event to entertain fans with Persona 3 trivia contest and a Boss rush challenge pitting lucky fans against Celebrity Myrtle Sarrosa on who gets to beat the boss first.

Our session ended with raffle draws with one lucky fan bringing home an Xbox Series S console. Overall everyone had a blast and were looking forward to start their new game in Persona 3 Reload, you can purchase the game as it is already available on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well on PC via Steam, you can also check out our Persona 3 Reload review if you are still in the fence on getting the game.

We look forward to see more events like this by Sega in the future.

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