Street Fighter 6 Gets a Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary In-game Event

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April 2, 2024

Street Fighter 6’s latest installment will feature ‘Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary-themed avatar equipment, emoticons, titles, and more. Additionally, the Hub Goods Shop now offers 15 different weapon-type accessories from the Monster Hunter series. Furthermore, players can anticipate a series of in-game collaboration events commemorating Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary.


The premium rewards for April’s Fighting Pass include avatar equipment such as the ‘Rathalos Helm’, ‘Rathalos Mail, ‘Rathalos Coil, ‘Rathalos Greaves,’ and the ‘Felyne Head’.

Other premium rewards also include the ‘Happy Hunting!’ camera frame, the title ‘Gimmie it Well-Done!’ and the ‘Hunter’s Dance’ emote representing the Monster Hunter series. So, when you’re wondering, ‘Is this person a hunter?’ just give them a wave and see.

With the ‘Fighting Pass (Premium Rewards),’ reaching a certain level and obtaining the classic game ‘Magic Sword’ (overseas version), you can play it anytime in the ‘Battle Hub’. Don’t miss out if you haven’t played it before!

Using the ‘Fighting Pass,’ you can earn points based on the time spent playing Street Fighter 6, and by accumulating a certain number of points, you can level up and receive various rewards. Additionally, if you purchase the ‘Fighting Pass (Premium Rewards)’ which includes premium rewards, you can also obtain avatar equipment, emotes, background music, stamps, wallpapers, and other rewards! Starting from level 21, you can even receive Fighter Coins as rewards, so don’t miss out!


Accessories inspired by the Monster Hunter series are now available at the Hub Goods Shop!

The weapon-themed accessories from the Monster Hunter series are now available for purchase at The Hub Goods Shop in the Battle Hub! You can buy them using Fighter Coin (FC) or Drive Ticket (DT). These accessories can be equipped with various weapons, allowing customization according to your preferences!

Furthermore, by watching tutorials in the ‘Battle Hub’ during the event period, you can obtain the avatar equipment ‘Wyvern Jawblade’. You can also collect Drive Tickets (DT) by completing various challenges and use them to purchase weapon-themed accessories at the Hub Goods Shop!


Commemorative ‘Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary’ Voting Event

To commemorate the ‘Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary,’ a voting event will be held in the Battle Hub starting on April 8 (Monday) at 3:00 PM (GMT+8). It’s about your favorite weapon type in the ‘Monster Hunter’ series. Simply vote to receive 2,000 DT. Remember to cast your vote!

There will be special events to celebrate the birthdays of ‘Kimberly‘ and ‘JP‘! During the event period, not only will you receive gifts of Drive Tickets and birthday character play points, but there will also be character-exclusive tournaments. Additionally, we have announced the schedule of collaborative events in the Battle Hub for April, along with information about the ‘Fighting Pass’ and ongoing challenge rewards. Be sure to check it out and ensure you claim your rewards!

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