Malaysian Cosplayer Hakken is Moonlight Blade M’s Regional Ambassador

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May 16, 2024

Malaysian Cosplayer Hakken has been appointed as the regional ambassador for the global phenomenon mobile game MOONLIGHT BLADE M for Southeast Asia. Following the collaboration, Hakken’s also set to debut their first single titled SWORD DANCE, available for streaming across all platforms.

Based on the half-century-old oriental literature masterpiece “The Magic Blade” written by the late Gu Long, “MOONLIGHT BLADE M” has stirred up a phenomenon-level craze since its release in China and Korea and numerous other markets. Apart from topping multiple download charts, the game which showcases diverse elements of exquisite oriental culture also expands its crossover into various industries including fashion, music, and tourism. Thus, the game has collaborated with several world-renowned singers including Michael Wong, Dimash Qudaibergen and Taeyeon, further strengthening its popularity worldwide.

In a move set to captivate gaming enthusiasts across Southeast Asia, renowned mobile game distributor VNGGames has announced the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated game adaptation, “MOONLIGHT BLADE M” during a press conference at DADI Cinema, as the original masterpiece celebrates its half-century milestone this year. Adding to the excitement, VNGGames has tapped into the multi-talented artist HAKKEN, known for igniting a phenomenon-level fan following across Southeast Asia, to perform the game’s theme song. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone in Hakken’s career but also amplifies its reputation as a versatile entertainer, elevating the excitement surrounding the game’s release in the region.



Hakken, known for their unwavering dedication to fans, has always been generous in showcasing their exceptional vocal talents during their previous tours and performances. Their music journey reached new heights last year when they were invited to lead as the guest performer at a prestigious local international anime symphony concert, showcasing their profound impact on the music scene.

Hakken’s debut single, “SWORD DANCE” is produced by the Malaysian renowned music sensations Gaston Pong and Roland Lim, who have rapidly gained international recognition in recent years. The collaboration between these two top-tier artists in the music recording process was nothing short of magical. Both artists showcased their utmost professionalism, pledging to elevate local music creation to the global stage. In addition to music recording, Hakken also collaborated with the game for the first time to shoot their music video.

Hakken’s debut single “SWORD DANCE” and its accompanying music video are set to launch alongside the mobile game “MOONLIGHT BLADE M” on May 15, across all platforms in Southeast Asia

To celebrate the collaboration, VNGGames along with game developer Tencent, customized a global exclusive mount for Hakken. Fans and players in the Southeast Asian version of the game will have the opportunity to obtain the sleek and stylish black horse mount adorned with Hakken’s flagship “H” logo.


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