Newest Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer Explores the Living World and More

Written by Chad

May 31, 2024

Capcom announced at PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast today with the first in-depth look at Monster Hunter Wilds, set for worldwide release in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Dynamic, ever-changing environments. A story of monsters and humans in a world with two faces: one in which the lands are harsh and unforgiving, where monsters fight for scant resources — and another in which the lands are vibrant and brimming with life.

You play as a professional monster hunter, protecting the balance of the ecosystem and hunting monsters. Use the resources you gain from hunts to craft ever more powerful weapons and armor in your quest to unravel the mysteries of the new lands.

Experience the most evolved action and improved immersion in any Monster Hunter to date.


The Living World

A world with an ever-changing climate.

Life here has learned to adapt to the harsh environments, the wildlife developing its own ecosystem, and the humans developing their own culture within it.



Each hunting locale features an environment with two dynamically changing identities: one in which the region is harsh and unforgiving where ravenous monsters fight for limited resources—and another in which the region is vibrant and brimming with life.

Changes in the environment also means changes for the monsters and wildlife that live there, so you’ll be running into new surprises around every corner.


An overwhelming sense of Immersion

The game offers a richly detailed depiction of characters and their stories within a meticulously crafted environment. The player-controlled hunter engages in fully voiced conversations with other characters, and both gameplay and cutscenes flow seamlessly without any loading screens. This uninterrupted experience creates an immersive feeling, making it seem as though you are truly part of the game.




Windward Plains

As a member of the Research Commission charged with investigating the Forbidden Lands, the Windward Plains is the first new hunting locale you’ll visit.

The Plains are a diverse region filled with sandy deserts, swaying grasslands, twisting rock formations, and other natural wonders.



Monsters of the Windward Plains

In the Forbidden Lands, you’ll encounter not only herds of small monsters—some of the large monsters of the region may also form packs. Each group has its own place in the ecosystem, with its own unique movements and behaviors.



Fanged Beast

Rugged, territorial fanged beasts that exhibit an aggressive disposition and inhabit a large range. Sometimes observed in large packs.




A large species of amphibians that use the adhesive quality of their saliva to affix stone to their forelimbs in order to power up their attacks.




They protect surrounding females from lightning by catching lightning strikes with their well-developed dorsal horns on their backs and releasing them to the ground. They form large flocks centered around males.




This herbivorous dragon changes its habitat depending on the season. When it senses danger, it will sometimes take a defensive posture with its well-developed head shell and fight back.



An essential companion for traversing the vast wilds.




The Seikret is an animal mount whose exceptional agility will provide the hunter with crucial support out on hunts. Its well-developed sense of smell allows it to guide you automatically to your current objective, or any location you select on the map.

You can also use your slinger and certain kinds of items while mounted, allowing you to comfortably restore your health, sharpen your weapons, or even gather materials while on the move.

Your Seikret isn’t just for travel, though—you can also stash an extra weapon in its weapon sling, allowing you to switch between two weapons of your choice while out on hunts.



The hunting action is bigger than ever.

New moves, a huge variety of weapons and equipment, and more ways to use monsters and environments to your advantage.

Hunters will be able to use a total of 14 weapon types (Great Sword — Long Sword — Sword & Shield — Dual Blades — Hammer — Hunting Horn — Lance — Gunlance — Switch Axe — Charge Blade — Insect Glaive — Light Bowgun — Heavy Bowgun — Bow) familiar to players in the series.

New action features and new moves for each weapon type will help you make the most of any situation during your hunts.


Focus Mode

Focus Mode allows you to aim your attacks and guard abilities. You can also use Focus Mode to pinpoint monster weaknesses, which can be targeted with special new attacks that will deal big damage!

By making it easier to space yourself and aim your attacks during hunts, Focus Mode will make it even easier for players of all stripes to get in on the hunting action.

Some weapons will even have other new moves and abilities.



The slinger returns as an indispensable hunter tool. Use it to fire rocks, seeds, and other natural ammo, or even use it to trigger objects in the environment.


Hook Slinger

The hook slinger is the newest evolution of the slinger, allowing you to gather all types of materials from a distance. It can be used while mounted on a Seikret, and can even be used to interact with certain environmental objects or trigger traps.


A densely drawn story awaits the protagonist who has been appointed to the Forbidden Lands Research Commission…! ?

New allies and a rich cast of characters will support your journey as a hunter.

Our story takes place in the “Forbidden Lands,” an unexplored region where the Guild has sent the hunter and their allies to investigate. Get a glimpse of some of the characters that you’ll meet as you step into this mysterious new land!


Introducing the characters involved in the story



The protagonist and the character you play as. A hunter assigned to the Forbidden Lands Research Commission, their job is to help investigate this unexplored region.



A Felyne—a cat-like creature fully capable of speaking with people—who is the hunter’s trusted “Palico” partner. They’ll provide invaluable hunting AND moral support!



The hunter’s “Handler”—one who manages monster hunt requests, permissions, and quests. She’ll accompany you out on quests and provide valuable support and knowledge.



A smithy with the Research Commission. She’ll take care of all of your weapon and armor crafting needs!



A mysterious young boy that accompanies you on your journey.



Save Data Bonuses

Get bonuses in Monster Hunter Wilds!

If you have saved data from “Monster Hunter: World” and “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne,” you can obtain the familiar Palico equipment from the series in “Monster Hunter Wilds.”


“Monster Hunter: World” Saved Data Bonus

Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Leather

Felyne Weapon: Felyne Acorn Spade

“Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” Saved Data Bonus

Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Duffel

Felyne Weapon: Felyne Trekker Peckaxe


Monster Hunter: World Save Data Bonus

The save data on your system must be from a data file that has completed hunter and Palico character creation.


 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Save Data Bonus

The save data on your system must be from a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne data file that has progressed at least up to the following point: Complete the ending of Monster Hunter: World, talk to the character named “Feisty Fiver” near the entrance of Astera, and afterwards travel to and arrive in the Ancient Forest.

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