Granblue Fantasy: Relink Ver. 1.3.1 Adds Sandalphon as New Playable Character

Written by Chad

June 3, 2024

Sega is pleased to announce that Cygames has released the Granblue Fantasy: Relink‘s free Ver. 1.3.1 update.

The Supreme Primarch himself, Sandalphon, joins the roster of playable characters. This third major update also introduces new quests, Photo Mode, and a host of other new features!


New Character and New Quests of Unprecedented Difficulty

Sandalphon, the commander of the four primarchs—the archangels who govern the equilibrium of the four tetra-elements, is ready to fulfill his vow of protecting the Sky Realm and will join forces with you as a new playable character!

*Sandalphon can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions within the game or by picking up the Character Expansion Set DLC.

3 new quests pitting you against a series of bosses have been added. Furthermore, following his debut in “The Final Vision” (Ver. 1.1.0), Lucilius is back and stronger than ever! The new “Zero” quest calls upon the strongest players to unite and face him in one final battle.


Capture the Moment with Photo Mode; Share Your Journey with Relink’s Photo Contest

Photo Mode is another addition coming in this update. Players can set up perfect shots of their Relink adventure using its various tools and features. Skyfaring photographers with higher aspirations are also encouraged to participate in Relink’s Photo Contest, which is accepting entries as of today.


Granblue Fantasy: Relink Photo Contest


Other update features include Sigil Synthesis, which allows players to fuse legendary sigils to mix sigil traits; a map overlay, which displays key locations, treasure chests, and wee pincers; as well as new control scheme options. Check the Version 1.3.1 Patch Notes for more details.


Granblue Fantasy Relink Ver1.3.1 Patch Note


Additional paid content coming for the update includes a new emote expansion set and item packs useful for upgrading characters, weapons, and sigils. Check the link below for details.


Additional ContentPlayStation Store

  • Character Expansion Set: Sandalphon
  • Color Pack 5
  • Emote Expansion Set: Grab Bag
  • Self-Improvement Pack 3
  • Weapon Uncap Items Pack 3
  • Weapon Upgrade Items Pack 3
  • Sigil Upgrade Items Pack 3

(Pricing may vary depending on region – please check the PlayStation Store for prices)

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