MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics Brings Seven Timeless Games in an All-in-One Package

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June 21, 2024

Join fans from around the world in celebrating the legacy of some of the most beloved fighting games with the release of MARVEL vs. CAPCOM® Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics with physical and digital versions across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam in 2024! This jam-packed collection includes seven timeless games in an all-in-one package.



MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics, on sale later this year, also brings a ton of new and enhanced features for players to enjoy, including:

  • Battle It Out Online – All of the fighting games in the collection will have online ranked, casual, and lobby matches unlocked for players to showcase their abilities with friends, family, and other players from around the world!
  • Robust Rollback Netcode – Online play for the collection is supported with rollback netcode for a strong and stable online experience!
  • Be the Best! – Global high score leaderboards come to every game in the collection so players can track their journey to the top of the list!
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Training Mode comes to all fighting games in the collection so players can learn, practice, and master their moves!
  • Watch This! – Spectator Mode is available so you can enjoy watching your friends and co-combatants battle it out!
  • Additional Features – Check out the collection’s enhanced features like a music jukebox, in-game Museum, new display filters, and more!



For Capcom fans, fighting game enthusiasts, comic book and Super Hero aficionados, and everyone in between, MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics offers a timeless celebration of a legacy fighting game series, delivering a diverse roster of iconic characters, enhanced features and competitive gameplay. Relive the nostalgia or discover enduring classics for the first time, uniting fans of all generations in celebration of Capcom’s legendary fighting game series

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