Nivalis Launching in Spring 2025

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June 24, 2024

505 Games and developer ION LANDS are excited to announce that the slice-of-life simulation and restaurant management game Nivalis will launch in Spring 2025! Nivalis has taken on a life of its own, growing and evolving in ways we are eager to share with you. To give a glimpse of what’s to come, please check out the newest trailer featuring lots of never-before-seen locations, train travel and story hints through Ava, one of the main characters you will meet in the game.


ION LANDS’s highest priority is ensuring that Nivalis provides the best possible experience for the player. The team appreciates the patience and support they have received from the ever-growing community as ION LANDS navigates this creative journey.


Nivalis, a cyberpunk slice-of-life sim from ION LANDS, returns to the eponymous city from Cloudpunk. Make a mark in this starry, neon-lit future by expanding from a humble noodle stand or nightclub into a booming enterprise. Meet strange characters, discover a bustling underworld…or just enjoy a humble life of fishing and home decoration far above the clouds. Wishlist today, a future of many possibilities awaits in Nivalis in Spring 2025 on Steam and Epic Games Store.


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