Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Releasing in September

Written by Chad

July 2, 2024

As brutal as ever, as free as ever. The landmark zombie game ‘Dead Rising’ is revived with the power of the RE ENGINE! Retaining its unique gameplay, it updates graphics, playability, and sound. Witness the ‘Deluxe Remaster’ that goes beyond mere remastering!

Launched in 2006, ‘Dead Rising’ is a title centered around zombies. The hordes of zombies filling the screen and relentless gore made a significant impact on gamers at the time. Its wildly unrestricted action and unique gameplay, such as allowing players the freedom to survive within time constraints, quickly made it a popular series.

Returning as a ‘Deluxe Remaster,’ the first installment unfolds in a vast shopping mall, depicting the exploits of protagonist Frank West, a freelance journalist. It features freeform gameplay, exaggerated gore with a darkly humorous edge, and an endless respect for B-movie horror tropes. It embodies the series’ distinctive traits from its inception, earning a special place in fans’ hearts.

“Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster” adopts the game engine “RE ENGINE,” which has produced numerous masterpieces. Graphics rendered in 4K/60FPS have been refreshed with enhanced modeling and lighting, achieving a finish suitable for modern gaming. Dialogues are fully voiced in 9 languages. Additionally, remastered BGM and sound effects support 3D audio, enhancing immersion. The gameplay has been fine-tuned for better accessibility. With this “Deluxe Remaster” surpassing traditional remasters, players can enjoy Dead Rising beyond mere nostalgia.”

Reborn graphics. High resolution isn’t the only enhancement; modeling, textures, lighting, and more have all been revitalized.


Pre-order Bonuses

Get additional costumes and background music for Frank when you preorder

Pre-orders for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster start today. Additionally, the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Digital Deluxe, which includes 17 extra costumes for Frank, will also be released. As a bonus for those who pre-order either product, you will receive the following three additional costumes for Frank! Each costume comes with themed background music. The background music played within the shopping mall can be changed to the music you own.

  1. Costume: Frank West 2006 (Dead Rising) BGM: Dreams of Yore (Mall Music 2 arranged)
  2. Costume: Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2) BGM: Super Shopper’ (Dead Rising 2)
  3. Costume: Willamette Parkview Mall Bee (Dead Rising) BGM: Happy Flight! (Mall Music 6 arranged)


Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Digital Deluxe

The Digital Deluxe edition includes the main game along with 17 unique costumes and BGM sets. Similar to pre-order bonuses, these costumes come with corresponding BGM and can be selected as background music within the shopping mall. Today, we introduce only their silhouettes and names. Please stay tuned for more details.

Experience the freedom of action and gameplay in the survival paradise of Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster. Anticipate updates on this unparalleled classic returning in 2024.


Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will be available on September 19 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox series X|S and Steam, the physical release will be on November

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