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How is Fate/Grand Order Reaching the Top?

The presence of mobile games in the gaming industry is no surprise, especially considering the amount it rakes in for those who pull it off right. Anyone with enough capital and a strong enough brand would be foolish not to try to get something lucrative out on mobile, and Japan isn’t going to be left

NHN Studio629 launched WooparooPang Globally

NHN Studio629 announced today that its new puzzle game using ‘Wooparoo’ intellectual identity(IP) called WooparooPang is now live globally. It supports total of thirteen languages and players worldwide can download the game on both iOS and Android mobile market.

Black Sheep of the Ace Attorney series coming to Mobile

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth entry in the story-rich Ace Attorney series, has been confirmed to come to iOS and Android in the coming months, according to the official CapcomUnity Twitter page. Apollo Justice, originally released for the Nintendo DS back in 2007, is the only entry of the first 5 mainline Ace Attorney