Dragon Saga Online

Written by Muji

January 13, 2013

Originally known as Dragonica Online, Dragon Saga is an MMORPG from Gravity Interactive with side scrolling gameplay in 3D. The main advantage with its 3D side scrolling is you’re actually going to have more movement options with your character. The game promises a new gaming experience with its exciting dungeon system, innumerable quests, and unique gameplay.

You will have a great time playing especially if you’re familiar with its similar games, Dungeon Fighter Online or GhostX. It was originally published by THQ as Dragonica Online, but Gravity Interactive changed it to Dragon Saga when they took over.  If you have been playing Maple Story for some time, you will find the experience in this game to be quite different and more fun. In 2009, it was named as one of the best Free-to-Play games.

There are four starting classes in this game:

Magician – The magician is the spell casting class. They feature both offensive and supportive spells that make them a favorite at parties. The skills get better after the first job advancement. They are vulnerable in melee range since they have the lowest HP among the classes.

Thief – The thief class is the most agile of the classes. They are good at dealing damage and have fast attack speed due to their agility. Despite their ability to deal massive damage, they can still be a target since they have lower HP than warriors.

Warrior – The warrior is the tanker in this game. They have massive HP, can deal great damage but have limited ranged attacks.

Archer – The archer is best in long ranged attacks. They can strike a fair amount of damage from afar and have moderate HP, not too low or high.

The game also comes with a Cash Shop with items you can purchase to enhance your character. Dragon Saga also appeals to female players due to the cute chibi-like characters. Later in the game, when you feel strong enough, you can participate in Guild-on-Guild Emporia War and PVP modes. You can even train your pet and have it accompany you in battles. Your pet will grow alongside you as you take on the challenges ahead.

You will never be bored with Dragon Saga because it promises to keep you going from quest to quest, dungeon to dungeon, with innovative gameplay that you are sure to enjoy.

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