Garrison: Archangel is a robot fighting game created by our local guys from Indigo Entertainment

Guns, lasers swords and a ton of rocket boosts.

This one almost slipped our radar, but Indigo Entertainment, the Makati-based game development studio founded in 2007, has unveiled a new trailer for their current project, and as well as a mini-gameplay video, the mecha fighting game Garrison: Archangel.

Presumably inspired by Bandai Namco’s Gundam VS which is also a mecha fighting game based around the Gundam franchise, Garrison: Archangel pits players 1-on-1 inside a wide arena to do mech battles using beam sabres, assault rifles, spears and a whole lot of flying and rocket boosting.Additional details such as Split Screen modes, 4-versus-4 multiplayer, and controller support for PC players will also be made available. You can check out a glimpse of the gameplay through the mini-gameplay video released by Indigo Entertainment just earlier this week below:

The game will be making its debut on Steam, and expect to see the game in its full glory this June for the PC. You can learn more about Garrison: Archangel through their website, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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