Garrison Archangel will Enter Early Access on Steam this March

The mecha brawler is on its next phase for its launch on the PC.

Indigo Entertainment has announced that their mecha brawler game Garrison Archangel is finally head for the Early Access phase on Steam on March 28, 2018. The game will cost at USD 14.99 (roughly 770 Philippine Pesos) once it hits Early Access.

Aside from the announcement, there are some new additions to the game that will add more content and improvements from its Alpha version. Below is the list on what you can expect from the Early Access:

  • Intense, fast-paced Mecha fighting gameplay!
  • Online Multiplayer Team Elimination Mode of up to 4 players!
  • Offline Duel and Elimination (Teams or Free-For-All) modes for up to 4 players on split screen!
  • Fight against or alongside our AI in Arcade, Duel, Elimination and Survival modes!
  • 3 Arena Stages for both Online and Offline Play!
  • 3 Hazard Stages for Offline Solo and Couch Play!
  • Intricate Mecha customization, with coloring options down to individual parts!
  • 10 Body types, each divided into 4 parts: Head, Torso, Arms and Legs!
  • 18 Hand Weapons!
  • 6 Shoulder Weapons!
  • 10 Back Weapons!
  • 6 Internal Parts!
  • Frequent Updates! Fixes and Mechanics adjustments each week!
  • More New Weapons, Parts, Stages and/or Game Modes to come!

For the latest updates, you can head on to their Steam page or follow their social media sites:




We covered Garrison Archangel since it reveal and its during Steam Greenlight campaign, you can learn more about the game from our feature.

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