E3 2017: EA unveils A Way Out, which is Prison Break but in Coop mode

Written by Louis

June 11, 2017

Because escaping a prison with friends is so much better than doing it alone.

Anthem will not be the only new IP to churn out of EA’s game publishing factory as the video game giant has also revealed another new title at their E3 2017 press conference titled “A Way Out”.

Developed together by Hazelight, A Way Out largely reminds us of shows and movies such as Prison Break, Escape Plan and Escape from Alcatraz, as you and a co-player try to break out of prison by working with each other to execute your escape plans.

Speaking of co-player, the game is purely cooperative, requiring 2 players and running on split screen to make sure that both players get to see each other’s actions. The 2 main and controllable characters, Leo and Vincent, also uses different approaches when completing objectives, for instance, in the gameplay video below, Vincent is shown to use a more calm, and manipulative approach, whereas Leo opts for violence when completing objectives.

A Way Out’s split-screen multiplayer approach is something that has been largely obsolete for years now thanks to the online multiplay support that many multiplayer titles have, although seeing as how it is executed in the game so far, it still proves to be a very interesting multiplayer concept given that both players have a better scope of each other’s surroundings and situations, leading to a good variety of interesting in-game decision-making approaches.

A Way Out is slated to come out early next year for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms.

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