Mecha Fridays: Hanging Out with the Life Size Unicorn Gundam

Written by Chad

December 8, 2017

For this episode of Mecha Fridays, we’ll check out the life size Unicorn Gundam at the Odaiba Diver City where we had a chance to visit.

When we visited Tokyo Game Show 2017 last September, we did not hesitated to set up a schedule on visiting Obaida Diver City where the new life size Gundam statue was erected and opened for public viewing. We previously discussed about the news on the construction of the Unicorn Gundam and the popularity of the said mobile suit and now we finally got to see face-to-face with the massive statue in Japan.

Heading to Odaiba when you are within the Tokyo area is just around an hour of travel time by train and a couple of minutes of walking after dropping off from the train. Spotting the Diver City mall is very easy when you walk at the area, as you will see the massive white mobile suit hanging out just outside the compound. Standing at around 19 meters (or roughly at 64 feet), the Unicorn Gundam is a marvel to look at, with matching decals on the limbs to give that realistic feel as if it was taken out from its hangar.

At certain hours the life size Unicorn Gundam will transform from its Unicorn mode (all white appearance) to Destroy mode (with glowing light effects and revealing a different face plate). Then during the evening, there are special presentations that happens every hour where it features video montage and music videos of Gundam UC with matching light effects on the Gundam statue. You can check out our video where it features a video feature and music video for Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 series.

If you are a Gundam or even a mecha fan, visiting Odaiba is a must when you are in Tokyo for a vacation, and you can take pictures and videos of the life size statue with no restrictions, if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a mini Gundam store just behind the statute that has limited edition Gunpla kits on sale. Bandai did during the grand opening of the Unicorn Gundam where they sold Real Grade Unicorn Gundam kits with a special base included in the kit. And if you are feeling hungry, you can grab a bite at the Gundam Cafe which is just a few steps away from the Gundam statue.

If you are done viewing the massive mecha outside the Obaida Diver City, you can check out the Gundam Base store on the 7th floor inside the mall, and if you want to learn more about this special store that we are talking about, we’ll be posting a Mecha Friday feature about it soon…

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