5 Star Wars Games to Play in Celebrating Star Wars Day

Written by Chad

May 4, 2021

May the 4th be with you, or perhaps this is the May

The fourth day of May is an important date for Sci-Fi fans, and that is the famous Star Wars Day. No, it’s not the day when the first Star Wars film premiered, it had an interesting origin where it came from the “May the Fourth be with you” phrase. Now it has become a popular date that we all wish it’s an official holiday so we can just stay home for a day and play Star Wars games. Now speaking of Star Wars, there have a ton of games that were released, from re-releases of classic ones to MMOs up to space shooters. We listed 5 games that you can start playing right now as they are available on PC or on your current and last-gen gaming consoles. We previously made a list a few years back but this time we’ll be updating the list on the newer titles and even re-release of a classic on modern platforms.


Star Wars Battlefront 2

The reincarnation of the Battlefront series brings you back to large-scale battlegrounds in the Star Wars universe. From the icy planet of Hoth to the deep reaches of space, you play any specialized role either in the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire and even play as one of the legendary characters. The game also has a story campaign that takes place right after the events of the Return of the Jedi, adding more story background and new characters to fill in more lore in the franchise. The second Battlefront game added more features and improvements from the first that fans of the Star Wars series should not miss this out if you are the type who wants to be part of the action or who is also a shooter fan, you can tag along your friends to join the fun in online matches.


Star Wars: Squadrons

If you are into space dogfights and wanted to become an X-Wing pilot, Squadrons can help scratch that itch of yours. Though there has been a lot of classic Star Wars games that puts you in the pilot seat, the newest Squadrons game didn’t disappoint fans as it provided great gameplay that anyone even a newbie can start flying, it also has a good story campaign (are you seeing a pattern here?) and lets you see the perspective of each faction. And let’s not forget the iconic starships that you could pilot, from the iconic X-Wings and TIE Fighters to the Millenium Falcon, you can assign commands to your wingmen in single-player or have 4 other friends join you in multiplayer battles. Oh and the game also has VR support, so be sure to experience it like you are piloting a real starfighter.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Do you like tough games like Dark Souls? Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you like them both? Then Jedi Fallen Order is a must. Set between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, players will follow the story of Cal Kestis, one of the last surviving Jedi as you try to revive the Jedi Order before the Empire can find you. The epic adventure puts you on the run while discovering people that will join you in your mission. Combat is both challenging and fun thanks to Respawn Entertainment’s expertise in action games (the team behind the Titan Fall franchise). Jedi Fallen Order is a good supplementary story in the Star Wars lore if you are into stores outside of the main cast and it’s a good way to connect the dots in the massive universe. You can also check our review of the game.


Star Wars Republic Commando

A great classic first-person shooter from the Xbox era, Republic Commando puts you in the shoes of an elite clone trooper team set during the Clone Wars. You complete missions as you shoot your way from aliens and battle droids while issuing commands on your team to aid you in battle. Despite being a 2005 game, Republic Commando can still hold up even with the dated textures, but it plays better on handheld with the Nintendo Switch. This could be a great game to play after watching the new Star Wars The Bad Batch series if you are hungry for more Clone Trooper action.

Star Wars The Old Republic

If you are into massively multiplayer online games with rich lore, you should try out The Old Republic. Set 3,600 years before the events of the Star Wars movies and 300 years after the events of Knight of the Old Republic, players can create their own legacy in the game by choosing decisions that can impact their story, there are eight classes to choose from that features familiar tropes from the Star Wars universe, combat plays similar to the known tab-based gameplay of classic MMORPGs and with some from KoTOR. You will be investing a lot of time with the base game’s story while the expansions add more plot to the game, the Old Republic is free-to-play with the first two expansions available for free as well, the succeeding expansions will require a monthly premium subscription in order to access it.



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