Viewsonic XG2431 Monitor Review

Written by Alex Neri

January 6, 2022

Viewsonic XG2431 Review Reimarufiles

In the grand scale of things gaming, monitors in the market tend to add bells and whistles to products that are sub-par, underperforming, and underwhelming. Rarely do you find a monitor that presents itself as simple and straightforward to the user?

Enter the Viewsonic XG2431: Viewsonic’s entry in the gaming monitor space. With an unassuming exterior, small bezels, HDMI, DV, and MiniDV support, this monitor can accommodate most gaming setups. Coupled with a whopping 240hz refresh rate, this monitor will be able to carry you through the competition.

But will this monitor carry you through the day of working? Maybe. Its screen pixel density may be a limiting factor, but your mileage may vary. Is it worth the ₱ 18,499.00 price tag? Yes, and a little of no. Read on to know more.

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Viewsonic XG2431 Clean Desk Setup Macbook Pro Razer Seriren

The Viewsonic XG2431 brings a large, form-fitting screen size in a tightly-integrated package. Its no-nonsense style and design lets it easily blend in any desk style and arrangement, making it a nice addition to any gaming desk.

Standing at 24 inches, this HD monitor boasts a 240hz refresh rate with support for FreeSync Premium technology. The IPS panel supports more viewing angles than the typical LED-based gaming monitors on the market.

Screen bezels are kept to a minimum, giving you more screen space in a tighter package.

Viewsonic XG2431 Bezels

The On-screen display is controlled by six (6) buttons whose functions are indicated through a changing indicator. This should leave the experience of changing modes and configuring settings intuitively.

Viewsonic XG2431 OSD Menu

Colors are something of a mixed bag: somehow I find the colors on the monitor with deeper tones than usual; however, compared to a Macbook Pro’s calibrated display, it does seem to favor deeper, darker tones.

I used the color orange as a comparison point, as this is usually the color that can easily get messed up when working with.

This somehow proves the monitor’s claim to have 100% sRGB color space coverage. Alternatively in context, there are little to no 1080p 240Hz monitors with wide color gamut in the market.

However, with the 1920x1080p screen space, you might be hard-pressed to make use of this for productivity if you are at a work-from-home setup and want to build a workspace/gaming space in one. With other monitors offering a larger screen real estate at similar pixel densities, you should think and balance out your needs for both work and play.


The Viewsonic XG2431 comes with an assortment of connection options:

USB-A: 2
USB-B: 1
3.5mm Audio Out: 1
HDMI 2.0: 2
Displayport: 1

With these options, you will have the opportunity to directly connect a PC to the monitor or a gaming laptop. For Mac users, using a Thunderbolt dock with HDMI and Displayport compatibility is going to be your go-to option when choosing to grab this monitor.

With that said, there is an option for managing your cables with an attachment or the built-in clippers, keeping your desk clean and tidy (at least, from the front!).


The Viewsonic XG2431 includes an internal set of speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack. This gives people who wish to have clean desktop setup options.

When using the internal speakers, the sound lacks the deep impact of bass tones.  And since the volume controls are buried deep into the OSD menus, you will need to manage your volume controls through your operating system.

Using the 3.5mm jack somehow also suffers from the same issue. My personal recommendation would be to make use of wireless Bluetooth headphones or connect your headphones directly to your dock, PC, or Mac.


The monitor’s primary feature is the capability to bring about 240hz of refresh rate to whatever you wish to use it for, be it first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy games (RTS), or simply to experience buttery smooth animations in your gaming experience.

You will most definitely experience the 240hz refresh rate and the 1ms response times with FPS games. In my trials with Counter-Strike, this may(?) have helped in getting that one-shot-kill on a short-range encounter.

The monitor also supports multiple color modes depending on your uhh… gaming mood:

Viewsonic XG2431 Color Modes

Viewsonic XG2431 color modes. It even includes a color profile for Mac users.

These modes adjust the color, saturation, brightness, and more to help you see and possibly gain a competitive edge over your opponent. Say, in FPS games you should be able to see more in darker areas and prevent yourself from being killed unaware of your opponents.


The Viewsonic XG2431 is an entry into the gaming monitor market completely focused on what it should do best: deliver a monitor that brings with it a sound feature set that answers the needs of its market. You will face a hard choice if building a space for work and for play; and if you’re looking to make one purely for work, this is a hard sell. Color fidelity is acceptable at 100% sRGB. For gaming, a monitor with 1080p 240hz monitor is an easy pick. Coupled with an unassuming design profile, you can definitely convince yer mum to buy one for uhh… schoolwork purposes. He he he. Don’t tell anyone you picked it up here :D.

Viewsonic XG2431 Reimarufiles Review Verdict

Overall, a solid contender that focuses on what gamers need the most.

BUY: If you are looking for a monitor that focuses on games, with acceptable color accuracy, and with a really high refresh rate.

DO NOT BUY: If you are looking for a monitor for either work or personal, creative, or various uses that require a larger screen space. The 1920×1080 screen resolution trapped in a 24-inch form factor will feel limiting for its price.

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